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Follow-up 4th Forum

Call for contributions

This Call is open to any individual or organisation with an interest in water-related actions, with the objective to get information on those actions, ensure their follow-up and encourage their dissemination.

Each contribution received will be highlighted on this website as follows :

  • Once received, all contributions will be displayed on a dedicated web page
  • All contributions will be part of the synthesis to be presented for the 5th World Water Forum Istanbul 2009

Who is concerned by this call?

All stakeholders involved in an action related to water, whatever the state of implementation of the action: ended, in progress, just beginning.

Your contribution bears upon the information which allow all those who are interested by the issues on water, but not directly involved, to know better the action you implement.

How to contribute?

In order to facilitate public consultation of the actions, the contributions shall be submitted using the online form, keeping in mind that:

  • Answers shall be as short and precise as possible
  • One form per action shall be submitted
  • For any details that cannot be entered in the form, please refer to a web link or an email address.

We thank you very much for your contribution in this project!





Contribution Form


Michel Ducrocq

World Water Council
Espace Gaymard
2-4 Place d'Arvieux
13002 Marseille, France

Tel:  04 91 99 41 00 
Fax: 04 91 99 41 01